Human Corona Virus Covid-19 and Pets

Many people have questions about whether their pets are at risk or pose a threat to them during this outbreak.  

We want you to know that your dogs and cats are safe.  Nothing that we have learned so far suggests that dogs or cats can become ill.  

While we are still learning about this new strain of the corona virus, what we know now indicates that dogs and cats cannot become ill from this particular strain of the corona virus. There is evidence that an infected person exposed a dog to the corona virus in Hong Kong.  This dog did not become ill, but the virus was found in his nasal passages. Because of the information learned from this case, it is appropriate to be cautious if you are diagnosed with corona virus and realize that excessive contact with your pet could increase the risk that he may harbor coronavirus in his nasal passages. To date, there are NO cases of dog or cat to human transmission of this virus. As with many infectious diseases, the best defense is good hygiene Washing hands before and after excessive contact such as feeding, administering medications, grooming and cleaning up after is always a good idea.  

At GAH, in an effort to protect our clients, we have increased our already diligent cleaning protocols, especially in our common areas. We will have a no handshake and no hug zone as long as appropriate. If any member of our staff is not feeling well, they will be sent home or not come to work. We may ask you to wait in your car until we are ready for you if the waiting area is full to help maintain a safe distance between people and reduce the number in the room.   

At this time, we are not experiencing significant shortages of pharmaceuticals or prescription pet diets, but it is a good idea to refill medications and foods before your supply is very low.  

See more information on Covid-19 and pets at the bottom of this FAQ from the CDC: 

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